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Home Learning

Top Tips for Home Learning

Be flexible

You and your child may find it really helpful to build structure into your day and may even follow a timetable. However, it is important to be flexible, this is an unusual time and some days you may find it easier to do things in a different order. You may also have days when not everything gets done – this is ok! We are enjoying seeing you posts on Facebook but this is not an expectation, we will also not need the work sent into school when we return.

Encourage independence

Many of you will have more than one child at home trying to do their learning. This can be very difficult, especially if children vary in age. Remember that in school children would not have a grown up with them at all times while they are working. Encourage them to have a go on their own and if they need your help try to get them to solve problems themselves before you help them. This allows you to take a step back and do other things that you need to do, but also encourages your child to use the skills they have learnt in school. This is such an important skill that the children need to maintain so that they are prepared to learn again in a class with 30 children in it.

When writing or reading the children would be expected to use the sounds that they have learnt in phonics to Fred Talk (sound out) the word in order to write or read the new words. This may mean that spelling is not correct, but that is ok because they will learn to correct this as they learn more spelling patterns through their phonics. Obviously when praising their efforts, you can show the correct spelling if you think they can cope with hearing that at that time. For more complex words the children would be supported by a teacher word bank or dictionaries. 

During Maths lessons children would be shown the way to work out an answer using a given method and then be encouraged to investigate this using objects before writing so that the concept is embedded. This is especially useful when adding, subtracting, multiplying or dividing (sharing).

Praise effort

At school the children learn that it is not just the end result that is important in learning, the most important thing is that they try their best! Don’t worry about each piece of work being perfect, they do not need to correct every mistake. Instead focus on praising them for how much effort they put in. 

Take time out

It is so important for both you and your child to have time to relax and time to move. Make sure you have regular breaks for playing, relaxing and exercising. There will be times when you and your child are struggling. When that happens, stop and do something fun. Remember, everyday life, fun, playing and talking are important for learning too.

Tap into their interests

There will be times when it is hard to motivate your child! If they are losing interest, try to think about things they like. Follow their lead! All of our children have times at school when their learning is initiated by them, give them opportunities to do this at home as well.

Stay connected

Learning is important, but don’t forget that one of the most important things your child gets from school is a chance to be with friends and develop their social skills. Allowing them to speak to their friends by phone or video chat is good for their wellbeing, and speaking to other parents is good for yours.

Most importantly, be kind to yourselves! You are all doing an amazing job. The most important thing right now is that you and your families are safe and healthy, both physically and mentally. Do the best you can, no one can ask for more than that.

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