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Staff List

The St. Paul's Family


  • Miss J Oakley

  • Mrs S Aldridge

  • Mrs R Forrest

  • Miss P Coppard

  • Mrs S Bunce

  • Miss L Friend

  • Mrs K Smith

  • Miss E Collins

  • Mrs I Wilson

  • Miss P Baldwin

  • Mrs L Tucker

  • Miss V Gill

  • Miss Z Taylor

  • Mrs L Gedge

  • Mr R Whiting

  • Miss B Pierson

  • Mrs L West

  • Mrs J Martin

  • Mr J Burniston

  • Mrs D Robertshaw

  • Mrs G Clark

  • Mrs J Brinsley

  • Mrs S Beevis

  • Miss E Cackett

  • Mrs K Burniston

  • Mrs M Albrow

  • Mrs C Thomas

  • Mrs D Davey

  • Mrs E Webster

  • Mrs J Northover

  • Mrs L Finch

  • Miss N Hall

  • Mr A Pickering

  • Mr J Donnay

  • Mrs D Soragi

  • Miss K Beevis

  • Miss A Budrewicz

  • Mrs C Cripps

  • Mrs N Marchant

  • Mrs D Emery

  • Miss T Hooper

  • Mrs C Brignall

  • Miss E Jones

  • Miss E Sifflet

  • Mrs J Brown

  • Mrs V Staden

  • Mrs S Knox

  • Mr D Durling

Miss J Oakley


Mrs S Aldridge

Deputy Headteacher

Mrs R Forrest

Inclusion Team Leader

Miss P Coppard

Robins Class Teacher

My name is Miss Coppard and I will be your new teacher in year 2. I am really looking forward to meeting you all and getting to know you. I thought it would be nice for you to know a little about me too. I love cooking and my favourite dishes to cook are savoury or puddings. It helps me to relax after a busy day. I also enjoy shopping, going to the cinema and long walks. My favourite animal is a dog, but unfortunately I do not have one. My favourite colours are red and black. I am looking forward to learning more about you and hearing about your summer holidays. Have fun, and we’ll see you in September!!

Mrs S Bunce

Currently on Maternity Leave

Miss L Friend

Woodpeckers Class Teacher

Hi, I’m Miss Friend. I teach in Woodpecker class Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. I have a son called Lucas who is 5. He loves dinosaurs, so I know quite a lot of information about them! We love reading, and he likes all the Mr Men stories. It’s hard to choose my favourite story, but I love ‘Oi Frog’ because it’s funny and ‘Angelica Sprockets Pockets’ by Quentin Blake because I wish I had a coat like hers. At the weekend, I like to go running and on bike rides (if there aren’t too many hills!) and I like making and decorating cakes. I have a pet cat called Ernie who is white with 2 black spots on his back which look like eyes, and he has a black tail which looks like a smile when he sits down!

Mrs K Smith

Woodpeckers Class Teacher

My name is Mrs Smith and I will be your teacher in Woodpecker class on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I live with Andy and we have an 8-year-old daughter called Lucy and a 4-year-old son called Jack. When I am not at school I enjoy days out at the park, visiting the beach and trampolining. I like spending time in my garden growing flowers and strawberries. My favourite foods are curry and chocolate, but not at the same time! I enjoy playing jazz music on the saxophone and my favourite song to play is “Sway”. My favourite colour is purple and my favourite author is Roald Dahl. I love reading to my children especially ‘Supertato’ and ‘Matilda’.

Miss E Collins

Owls Class Teacher

Hi new Owls! I can’t believe you are all ready for year 2! As you know, my name is Miss Collins and I will be your class teacher in Owls Class. I’m really excited to get to know you all and I thought it is just as important if you can get to know me a bit more too! In the evenings and at the weekends I enjoy going to the gym, eating yummy food and seeing my friends and family. My favourite colour is yellow and my favourite animal is a dog. I also LOVE chocolate, it’s my favourite treat, it always cheers me up! I am so looking forward to learning more about all of you and hearing about your summer holidays when we come back to school in September. Have a great break, see you soon! Miss Collins

Mrs I Wilson

Squrriels Class Teacher

Hello new Squirrels! I am Mrs Wilson and I am your new class teacher. Squirrel classroom is nice and close to Year R so I know some of you already. I am so excited about you coming along to Year 1. I have 3 boys called Max, Leo and Rafferty and they all keep me very busy. I love all animals but especially dogs. I am hoping to get a new puppy soon! At the weekends I really enjoy seeing my friends and going out for long walks or a nice meal. My favourite food is pasta and I love Italian recipes. I enjoy cooking at home too. I have lived and worked abroad and I really enjoy travelling, when possible. I am really looking forward to meeting you all and getting to know you and learning about what you all enjoy. We are going to have great fun in Squirrels. See you all in September!

Miss P Baldwin

Hedgehogs Class Teacher

Hello Hedgehogs! I am so excited to be your teacher in Hedgehogs class! I know lots of you know me already but for those who don’t I thought you might like to find out a little more about me. I live in Maidstone with my Mum, Dad, brothers and very fluffy dog called Bella. I love to play netball and I do lots of running and am training for the London Marathon in October (hopefully!). I like to travel to different countries and lived in Australia for 2 years! My favourite movie is Finding Nemo but I love anything Disney. My favourite foods are pizza and pasta (and I LOVE chocolate!!!) I can’t wait to have an amazing year in Year 1 with you all!

Mrs L Tucker

Foxes Class Teacher

Hello! Some of you may know me as Miss Puncher, but in the summer holidays I am getting married! When you come to Fox class I will be Mrs Tucker. I am so excited to meet you all! My favourite thing to do is meet up with my friends and have a chat or go for a walk. I also love dancing. I am a ballroom and latin dancer, that’s where I met Mr Tucker! I get to wear sparkly dresses and lots of pretty outfits. My favourite colour is purple and I love a cup of tea, especially if I can dunk a biscuit! I also love anything Disney. My favourite movie is Cinderella, because they dance too. I am really looking forward to meeting you all

Miss V Gill

Ladybirds Class Teacher

Hello Ladybirds! My name is Miss Gill and I am going to be your teacher. I can’t wait to meet you and get to know you and your families! I thought you might like to know a little bit about me. I live in Rochester with my boyfriend and love visiting the castle and pretending that I’m a real Disney Princess! When I’m not at school I enjoy baking yummy cakes and going for days out to the zoo or the beach! I am so excited for you to start school in September, we are going to have so much fun learning together!

Miss Z Taylor

Caterpillar Class Teacher

Hello, my name is Miss Taylor and I will be your class teacher in Caterpillar Class! I am looking forward to meeting and learning with you this year. I cannot wait to learn all about you so I thought you might like to know a little bit about me. I love travelling and being in the outdoors exploring new things, especially new countries. I enjoy long walks listening to music and spending time exercising. I also love to dance and sing, and love going to London to watch musicals! Ballroom and Latin dancing is something I have taken part in since I was 4 years old, and I still try to dance whenever I can. I also love to cook, especially for my family and friends, and when I’m not at school I enjoy spending time with my friends, reading a book and shopping! I hope you have had a wonderful fun-filled summer with your grown-ups and hope you are really looking forward to starting school. I’m sure we will have a lovely time learning together and am very excited to get to know you. See you soon!

Mrs L Gedge

Bees Class Teacher

Hello, my name is Mrs Gedge and I will be your teacher in Bee class. I can’t wait to meet you and get to know you and your families. For now, I thought you might like to know a little more about me. I live in Maidstone with my husband and three daughters, Poppy, Lucia and Lexie, our cat Tiggles and our rabbits Roo and Miffy. My favourite colour is blue and before I became a teacher I was a scientist! In my free time I enjoy exercising at Boot Camp, being arty, reading books and drinking lots of coffee! Have a great summer, we have some exciting times to come!

Mr R Whiting

Robin Class Teaching Assistant

Miss B Pierson

Woodpeckers Class Teaching Assistant

Hi, I’m Miss Pierson and I am the TA in Woodpecker Class all week. I always have a big smile and love to find out what makes you smile too. My favourite animal is a flamingo and I often have flamingos on my clothes. I have 3 children who are 9, 15 and 17. My favourite pastime is reading and I always read a chapter of my book everyday. My favourite book to read to the class is ‘Where the Wild Things Are’, and ‘Barry the Fish with Fingers’. I have a cat with no fur who is called Void and a long haired Chihuahua called Griffy. He can do some tricks, and loves a long walk. I like to visit Wagamama’s and eat chilli squid.

Mrs L West

Owls Class Teaching Assistant

Welcome to Owls! I’m Mrs West and I will be working alongside Miss Collins as your new Teaching Assistant. I am looking forward to working with you all in Year 2 and helping you all believe and achieve! Let me tell you a bit about myself…I have 3 children named Callum, Poppy and Jude and a crazy dog called Mavis. I enjoy running and I love shopping! Miss Collins and I are always here for you to talk to and to support you in your Year 2 learning journey. I hope you have an amazing summer holiday and I look forward to seeing you in September.

Mrs J Martin

Foxes Class Teaching Assistant

Hello! I’m Mrs Martin and I’m so excited to be your new Teaching Assistant in Fox Class! I have seen lots of your smiley faces around the school and I’m looking forward to getting to know you all. We are going to have so much fun together in Year 1 with Mrs Tucker. I am a mummy to three children, aged 15, 12 and 11. I also have 19-year-old twin cats called Milly and Molly, who love to have cuddles. My favourite colour is pink and I love eating chocolate! I keep very busy, exploring new places and Geocaching. I also play the drums and have a black belt in karate. I am really looking forward to seeing you all soon.

Mr J Burniston

Squirrels Class Teaching Assistant

Hello!! My name is Mr Burniston, but everyone calls me Mr B! I am going to be your Teaching Assistant this year in Squirrel Class! I am super excited to meet you all and learn lots of new things together! I wonder what we will learn together… I’m sure we will learn about each other! Shall I start off by telling you a bit about me? I like being active and getting outside to do different things, like walking, riding my bike and going on adventures! I usually take my camera with me as well, as I like doing something called Photography (which is a fancy way of saying, I like to take photos)! I also love going swimming! When I am not at school, I teach children like you how to swim! My favourite superhero is Spider-Man and I really like dinosaurs!! I wonder if you can tell me about some of the things you like and like to do when we meet in September. Until then, have a good summer and I will see you for your very first day of school!! (How exciting!!)

Mrs D Robertshaw

Hedgehogs Class Teaching Assistant

Hello Hedgehogs! I am looking forward to being Hedgehogs Teaching Assistant in September and getting to know all of you! I thought you might like to know a little bit about me. I live in Maidstone with Mr R, Sam and my 2 cats, Gizmo and Stripes. I love to read, lots and play golf when it is sunny. My favourite colour is purple, I like cooking and watching films. My favourite foods are chicken and chips, oh, I also love chocolate! I can wait to see you all in September, have an amazing Summer.

Mrs G Clark

Ladybirds Class Teaching Assistant

Hello Ladybirds, I am Mrs Clark and I will be your teaching assistant. I live in Maidstone with my husband and 2 children Calvin and Cara. Calvin is 16 and Cara is 8. When I am not at school, I like to spend my time with family. We like to play games, go for walks with our dog Boo, bake cakes and watch films, I love all things Disney, my favourite film is Cinderella, and she is my favourite Princess. I can't wait to meet you all in September. I hope you have a lovely Summer with your families.

Mrs J Brinsley

Caterpillar Class Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Beevis

Bees Class Teaching Assistant

Hello Bees, my name is Mrs Beevis and I am really looking forward to being your Teaching Assistant. I live in Maidstone with my husband and 4 of my daughters, I also have another daughter and granddaughter who live just up the road from me. Girls rule in my house! I have 2 Guinea pigs, Betty and Wilma, and 2 dogs called Teddy and Humphrey. They all keep me really busy! When I have some free time I like to bake yummy cakes and I love to read. My favourite thing is chocolate especially Ferrero Rocher and I love roses, especially yellow or white ones. I am really excited to meet you all in September!

Miss E Cackett

EAL Teacher

Mrs K Burniston

Business Manager

Mrs M Albrow

Family Liaison Officer

Mrs C Thomas

Pupil Premium Champion

Mrs D Davey

Pupil Premium Champion

Mrs E Webster

Office Manager

Mrs J Northover

Admin Assistant

Mrs L Finch

Pastoral Teaching Assistant

Miss N Hall

1-to-1 Teaching Assistant

Mr A Pickering

1-to-1 Teaching Assistant

Mr J Donnay

1-to-1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs D Soragi

1-to-1 Teaching Assistant

Miss K Beevis

1-to-1 Teaching Assistant

Miss A Budrewicz

1-to-1 Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Cripps

Midday Meal Supervisor

Mrs N Marchant

Midday Meal Supervisor

Mrs D Emery

Midday Meal Supervisor

Miss T Hooper

Midday Meal Supervisor

Mrs C Brignall

Midday Meal Supervisor

Miss E Jones

Midday Meal Supervisor

Miss E Sifflet

Midday Meal Supervisor

Mrs J Brown

Midday Meal Supervisor

Mrs V Staden

Midday Meal Supervisor

Mrs S Knox

Play Leader

Mr D Durling

Site Manager

St Pauls Infant School

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