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St.Pauls Infant School

Year 1

Squirrels Class

Hedgehogs Class

Foxes Class

Squirrel Class Hedgehog Class Fox Class

About our Term...

This term in year 1, we are learning about dinosaurs! We received a letter from Julia Donaldson along with her book ‘The Dinosaur’s Diary’ for us to read in our English lessons. A dinosaur called ‘H’ (short for Hypslodophin) then sent us a video asking us to look after some of her eggs in the human world. We have been looking after these very carefully and ensuring that they are kept safe. We will be experimenting to see what material would be best to ensure that the eggs don’t get cracked in our classrooms! 

Over the next few weeks, we are also going to be practising our handwriting in class. We will focus on forming individual letters and how some letters are formed in the same way according to their letter family, (for example, ‘c, a, o, d’ are the first few letters of the ‘curly caterpillar family’). Your support at home would greatly benefit the children’s handwriting, each week they will come home with the handwriting that they have covered that week. Please continue to support your child by practising the letter formations.