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Year 2 Helpers

We feel it is really important to give children extra roles and responsibilities in their final year at school. In Year 2 all children will be a ‘helper’ at some point in the year. They are chosen to represent their class for one term and are regarded as role models to the rest of the children in school.

Each child wears a special red hat so that they can be easily identified. During their time as helpers they are given special jobs to do and are role models for good behaviour. They sit in a special area in assemblies and they give out certificates to children at playtimes and lunchtimes who they have seen working or playing well.

Year 2 children love this responsibility and it helps them to take pride in their own achievements and behaviour.

“To be a helping hand you need to be sensible. You are given a red hat. You have to wear your helping hand hat at playtime and lunchtime so if people have a problem they come to a helping hand. If a helping hand sees somebody sad or upset you would go to them and see what’s up.”

“When I was a helping hand I felt proud, happy and top of the school because helping hands help people and they sit on benches.”

“Helping hands have to be sensible for children to look up to. Helping hands help people. To be a helping hand you need to be kind. You need to be helpful.”



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