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St.Pauls Infant School

Wednesday 22nd July

PDF version available at the bottom of this page.

Good Morning Year 2, please see the activities below we would like you to do today. Remember you can take photos or use your exercise book.

We hope you have fun!



Today is the last day before the summer holidays begin! How exciting! It’s great that we can now do more things since lockdown guidance has been eased, we wonder what your plans are for the summer before you start year 3.

Are you going on any days out? Or going anywhere exciting? Are you going to do some fun activities at home?

Write about what you would like to do or what you are going to do this summer!

You can record this information however you like, choose one of the following options:

-Talk about it with your grown ups

-Draw some pictures to represent what you’re going to do

-Write your plans in detailed sentences on lined paper

-Type some sentences on Purple Mash and press save at the end

-Write a letter to a friend telling them what you’re going to do


Purple Mash/ Home learning book –optional depending on activity choice!


LO: I can add and subtract with two digit numbers up to 100.

Using the 22.7.20 Maths – Board Game pdf, play the game with an adult or a sibling (you may need to do the calculations for them).

If you are unable to print the board game write down the scores in your workbook whilst remembering where you are on the board.


22.7.20 Maths – Board Game   

Connected Curriculum (Dancing)

LO: I can move expressively and creatively.


Today we are going to have a party because it is the last day of the year! Thank you again for all your hard work, you have been amazing! You could do the following;

- Come up with a playlist of your favourite songs to dance along to

- Dance to some Kidz Bop, Go Noodle or Cosmic Kids Yoga songs

- Plan your own healthy party food to eat with your grownups (like we did when we had our Beauty and The Beast party!)

- Zoom call your best friend(s) from your class to have an online party together

- Make a placemat to eat your food off of

We hope you have a fantastic time!!


Depends on activity chosen

We hope you have an amazing summer break! Thank you for all of your hard work over the past few months, you have all been wonderful. Have fun and hope to see you all soon! Stay safe, best wishes from Mrs Bunce, Miss Collins, Miss Friend and Mrs Smith xxx