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St.Pauls Infant School

VE Day

Union Jack Bunting ClipartUnion Jack Bunting Clipart


VE Day Celebrations


Good morning everybody!

Today is a bank holiday to celebrate the 75th anniversary of VE day (Victory in Europe Day), a day which marked the end of the Second World War.

We have put together some fun activities that you and your family could do to celebrate!

*Look through the VE Day Powerpoint and talk about what happened, why people were celebrating and how they celebrated.

*Watch the Horrible Histories VE Day song, can you spot the video clips from the past?

*Make some bunting to decorate your house, you could draw or paint the Union Jack on it!

*Make some scones using the recipe we have attached and have your own afternoon tea with your family

*Learn the words to “God Save the Queen” and sing it to your grown ups

*Write a letter of thanks to the brave soldiers that fought in the war

*Design and make a VE Day medal for the brave soldiers who fought in the war

*Take some pictures of your day, can you change them to black and white or sepia like they would have been back then?

*Record your own radio broadcast announcing that the war is finally over

*Make a newspaper front page or write an article about the war ending

*Write about how you would have felt when you heard that the war was over

*Make a postcard for a family member that you cannot celebrate with. You can draw what you did on one side and write a message on the back

*Visit the RBLI Facebook Page and learn how to do some Lindy Hop dancing!

*Listen to some of the music that was popular during World War 2, how is it different from the music we listen to now?


We would love to see how you all celebrate! Please share your celebrations with us either on Tapestry or our Facebook page! We hope you all have a lovely day!