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St.Pauls Infant School

Tuesday 30th June

PDF version available at the bottom of this page.

Good Morning Year 1, please see below the activities we would like you to do today. Remember you can take photos (if you have made, shown or drawn something) or use your exercise book to write any sentences or complete any number sentences.

We hope you have fun!


LO:  I can read words of more than one syllable containing sounds I have learnt.


We have practised spotting syllables before; however, it is a tricky skill that we would like you to practise. You can choose the nursery rhyme from yesterday or one attached. We would like you to practise spotting how many syllables are in a word. You could colour the words based on how many syllables it has. For example:

1 syllable = green

2 syllables = red

3 syllables = yellow.

This will help you to become quicker and more efficient in your reading.


Attached nursery rhymes.


LO: I can read half past times on a clock.


Yesterday we had a look at o’clock times. Do you know any other times? Today we are going to look at half past. Where do you think the hand might be pointing when it gets to half past? When it is half past the big hand will point to the number 6 at the bottom of the clock. We need your help today to look carefully at these clocks. Can you write under each clock what time it is? Please see example below.


The time is half past 2


Clock faces (attached sheet)

Connected Curriculum (PE)

LO: I can make choices and give reasons for what is good to eat / what things could harm me.


When we do PE in school, we often talk about how different exercise is good for us and our bodies. Is there any other ways of keeping our bodies healthy? We would like you to have a think about the food we eat and how often we should/should not eat it.  Why is a healthy diet important? Watch the following clip :

Can you make a list of the things that you think we should have in our diet every day and things that we should eat in moderation. Perhaps you could find out which food are protein, which are carbohydrates and why it is important to have enough of these nutrients. Perhaps you could write a few sentences explaining why you have made some of the choices you have.


YouTube clip, exercise book and pencil

Stay safe, best wishes from Miss Puncher, Miss Taylor and Mrs Wilson xxx