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St.Pauls Infant School

Tuesday 21st July

PDF version available at the bottom of this page.

Good Morning Year 1, please see below the activities we would like you to do today. Remember you can take photos (if you have made, shown or drawn something) or use your exercise book to write any sentences or complete any number sentences.

We hope you have fun!


LO:  I can talk about why a book is like or disliked and say why.


 Today we would like you to listen to your new teacher reading their favourite story. You can do this by logging into the school portal on our school website. Once you have listened to them, can you talk about if you liked the story as much as they did and say why? Everyone enjoys or likes different things and has different favourites so you might not enjoy a story as much as someone else. We would then like you to find your favourite story and find a cosy spot with your grown-up to enjoy it J


Your favourite story


LO: I can solve problems.


 Today you are going to be carrying on with your summer booklet. Remember all of those maths skills from our time in year one to help you. Today we would like you to complete the next 4 activities (starting from the 2D shape hunt up to and including the summer holiday board game).


Summer workbook

Connected Curriculum (RE)

LO: I can respond sensitively to others.


Can you remember what a promise is? A promise is a statement by a person that they will or will not do something they have said.                                                                                                                              When you started in your new class in Year One you spent some time with your new teacher learning and creating your class rules together for the year. You will be doing this in September with your new teacher so we would like you to have a think about some of the promises you think will be important to keep when you move to your new class. Think about how we can be good friends to one another, how we need to respect the grown-ups as well as our friends too. We would like you to make a promise card to your new teacher today thinking about what you will promise to do when you are in your new class. Keep it safe, and if you want to give it to your new teacher in September we are sure they would love to read it!


Card/paper & Pens

Stay safe, best wishes from Miss Puncher, Miss Taylor and Mrs Wilson xxx