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St.Pauls Infant School

Tuesday 14th July

pdf version available at the bottom of this page. 

Good Morning Year 2, please see the activities below we would like you to do today. Remember you can take photos or use your exercise book.

We hope you have fun!

Transition activity 14th July


Today we would like you to think of your favourite memories from St Paul’s. Most of you spent nearly 3 years at school and have had some really fun times!

Maybe you remember a funny event, a Christmas Nativity or a game you enjoyed playing with your friends.

We would like you to either write about these memories or draw some pictures to represent them.

You could do this on paper and upload a photo to the St Paul’s Facebook page or you could use some different programmes on Purple Mash.

Purple Mash programmes you could use: 2Write, 2Create a story, 2Paint.
(These have not been set as a ‘to do’ so that you can choose whichever method you like)

If you use Purple Mash, remember to save your work into your class folder at the end so your teacher can see some of your favourite memories! (We also have some fabulous memories from when you were all at school!)


Paper and pens OR Purple Mash



LO: I can use standard units to measure weight.  


Today we would like you to look at how much objects in your house weigh. Start in your kitchen by reading the packets.

Find something that weighs;20g

  • 50g
  • 100g
  • 400g
  • 500g
  • 1kg

Looking for more:  If you have weighing scales at home find other things in your house that weigh the same as the items you found above. For example 40g = packet of crisps= hand cream


Items from around you house

Weighing scales

Stay safe, best wishes from Mrs Bunce, Miss Collins, Miss Friend and Mrs Smith xxx