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St.Pauls Infant School

Thursday 2nd July

pdf version available at the bottom of this page. 

Good Morning Year 2, please see the activities below we would like you to do today. Remember you can take photos or use your exercise book.

We hope you have fun!


LO:  I can answer questions about what I have read.


Watch Rosie’s new set 3 sound on YouTube:

Open 02.07.20 English PDF to find today’s reading comprehension. It is all about the NHS, so you might know some of the answers already!

Remember to read the text carefully and underline any important information that you think could help you first. Read one question at a time, find the answer in the text or think of an answer that the text has helped you to think of. If there are a few lines for your answer, try and write a full sentence to explain your answer.


02.07.20 English PDF


LO:  I can solve problems about fractions.


Today, we are going to be thinking about pizza. Yes, pizza! (And fractions too!)

There are a few different ways you can complete the learning today (or you can do it when you have real ingredients!) You can make real pizza (using a wrap makes a crispy base-yum!), make one from playdough, or make one from paper. If you decide to make a paper pizza, draw around a plate, cut it out and colour or paint it red (for the tomato sauce), then it will be ready for the toppings.

You need to decide which toppings you would like on your pizza. I love pepperoni, red onion and sweetcorn. If I ordered a pizza from your pizza place, I would ask for ½ pepperoni, ¼ red onion and ¼ sweetcorn. My pizza would look like this…

Can you take some orders from your family to see what pizza they would like? You can either make the pizza, as described above, or just draw it. We would love to see what orders you get, so ask a grown up to upload a photo to the facebook group, and remember to say what fractions you used.


Miss Oakley would love you to make her a pizza. She likes 1/3 mushroom and 2/3 pineapple. Can you make one for her too?

Looking for more? Looking at the pizza I ordered, can you work out how many slices of pepperoni would be used if I had a pizza that only had that topping? 4 slices are for one half, how many would there be on the other half? How many in total? What about the other toppings?  


Ingredients (Wrap, tomato puree, cheese, toppings of your choice) and an oven *optional

Playdoh *optional

Colouring pens/pencils, scissors and glue

Paper and a plate to draw around.

Connected Curriculum (Geography)

LO: I can apply my understanding of seasonal and daily weather patterns in the UK.


Today we are going to be thinking about the next part of the letter from the Blue Flag Association:

Could you have a look at the weather and investigate UK weather patterns to find out the best times to visit the beach? Do you think you could go to the beach in the rain? What is it like at the beach in the autumn or winter months?

Discuss the weather in the UK with a grownup at home. How does it change? Which months have the best weather? Why? Discuss the weather at different points in the year – how could we still encourage people to go to the beach? Why might it be good to still go to the beach in the autumn/winter?

If you would like, you could create a mind map of ideas in your workbook or on Purple Mash.


Blue Flag Association letter, Purple Mash/workbook and pencil.

Stay safe, best wishes from Mrs Bunce, Miss Collins, Miss Friend and Mrs Smith xxx