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St.Pauls Infant School

Monday 13th July

PDF version available at the bottom of this page.

Good Morning Year 2, please see the activities below we would like you to do today. Remember you can take photos or use your exercise book.

We hope you have fun!

Transition activity


This week we are going to start thinking about your time at St Paul’s and your big move to year 3!

For some people it might seem a bit scary going to a new school and it’s ok to feel worried about it too. However, you must remember that you’re with all of your friends still and you’ve hopefully had a chance to get to know your new teachers too.

Today we would like you to think about writing a list of questions or worries that you may have that could be answered by your current year 2 teacher during our video call next week.

Is there anything that you are worried about that you would like to ask your teacher that might make you feel better? Have a chat with your adults at home and make a list of any questions you have.


You can send these questions to your year 2 teacher using Purple Mash ‘2email’.
To do this:
1. Type in ‘2email’ on Purple Mash

2. Click on the email that your class teacher has sent you. 

3. Click reply. 

4. In the ‘subject’ box, type ‘my questions’

5. In the ‘message’ box, type your worries/questions to your teacher.

6. When you are finished, click ‘send’ at the bottom of the screen.


Your teachers will be able to view your questions/worries but will not be able to reply. Instead we will keep these questions safe and answer them on our video calls next week! 😊



Purple Mash



LO: I can recall number bonds to 10

Today we would like you to play a game called Make ten! You will need a pack of playing cards.

Deal the cards into three rows of five face up, the rest are in a pile face down to the side.

If you can add two cards that equal the sum of 10, you collect the cards.

New cards are dealt into the holes that were left from the cards that were picked up.

Face cards (K,Q, J, 10) can only be picked up if you have a matching pair.

If you are playing alone, you win if you can pick up all the cards in the entire deck without getting stuck!

If you are playing with two players, and there are no more moves to be made, the player with the most cards at that time is the winner.


Remember you can sing the number bond song to help you. (To the tune of Row Row Row the Boat)

9 and 1 are number bonds

8 and 2 are friends

7 and 3

6 and 4

5 and 5 are twins.


If you do not having any playing cards practise your number bonds on the following website:

Select ‘number bonds’ and then one of the activities up to 10.

Looking for more: Play hit the button up to 20 and up to 100.  


Pack of playing cards.

Topmarks website – link above.

Stay safe, best wishes from Mrs Bunce, Miss Collins, Miss Friend and Mrs Smith xxx