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St.Pauls Infant School

Friday 3rd July

PDF version available at the bottom of this page. 

Good Morning Year 2, please see the activities below we would like you to do today. Remember you can take photos or use your exercise book.

We hope you have fun!


LO:  I can use the sounds I know to write words.


Watch Rosie’s new set 3 sound on YouTube:

Use today’s English PDF. Can you complete the missing words in the pictures? Think of what the arrows are pointing to and use your sounds to write the missing word. First try chilli 1 and if you want to challenge yourself, try chilli 2 as well! Remember to use your sound mat that is in your home learning pack to help you with your sounds.


03.07.20 English PDF  


LO:  I can solve problems using all four operations.


Using the attached Maths Mystery pdf, solve the clues to work out which bird the Mystery Feather belongs too. You do not need to print the pdf but it may be helpful to write a list of names in your workbook to cross suspects off as you work out the clues. You could write the answers to the clues in your workbook. You may need an adult to help you with this activity.

Alternatively, log onto Education City and play Pyramid Scheme to practise your knowledge of fractions.


Maths Mystery pdf.

Education City

Connected Curriculum (Geography)

LO: I can apply my understanding of seasonal and daily weather patterns in the UK.


Think about what we might need to take to the beach at different points of the year and why – how do we know this? What do we know about the seasonal weather patterns in the UK? Might some clothes that we wear be the same in different seasons?

We can still have rainy or cold days in the summer or we can have very mild days in the autumn and spring. Look at the BBC Weather in Maidstone for the next week Discuss how different the weather can be on different days and how this compares to the weather we had last week:

We would like you to ‘pack a suitcase’ for the beach in each season – remember to think about what you might need in each season. You could either use the attached document and make a suitcase for each season, or you could draw 4 suitcase on paper/in your home workbook and then draw what you would need to take to a Minster Beach in each season (remember to think about the weather in the UK).

Once you have finished your learning, take a photo and post it on the St Paul’s Facebook page so that we can see how hard you have been working at home!


Suitcase document/workbook and pencil.

Stay safe, best wishes from Mrs Bunce, Miss Collins, Miss Friend and Mrs Smith xxx