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St.Pauls Infant School

Year 2

Robins Class

Woodpeckers Class

Owls Class

Robins Class Woodpeckers Class Owls Class

About our Term...

Year 2 arrived at the start of this term to find that their classroom had been turned into a jungle! We then read the book ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ and acted out the story. As part of our Geography in the first week, we looked at the countries throughout the world that have rainforests. We also made maps of the journey Max takes in the story, using OS symbols and a key. Continuing on from this, we looked at a range of non-fiction books so that we could identify the features. This then helped us to write our own non-chronological report about a rainforest animal. We used modroc and paper mache in Design and Technology to make a sculpture then experimented with ways to make it stiffer, stronger and more stable.

In the next few weeks we will be reciting and writing poetry about other rainforest animals. We are also going to start an Easter project which we will be sharing with staff and pupils at North Borough Junior School at the end of the term. We look forward to the exciting work still to come this term!